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Research programs and initiatives

Projects related to aquaculture, climate change, contaminants, ecosystem science and fisheries.

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Services and information

Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program

Program information, research projects and fact sheets, proposal guidelines, videos and contact information.

Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program

Research and monitoring to understand the impacts of climate change on our marine resources, to inform adaptive management decisions.

Coastal Environmental Baseline Program

Projects focused on the collection of ecological data to describe the current state of key coastal ecosystems across Canada, in order to support informed decision making.

Fate, Behaviour and Effects

External research on how various oil and gas contaminants affect fish and other aquatic organisms.

Fisheries Science Collaborative Program

Database of research funded by the program.

Genomics Research and Development Initiative

Goals, research developments, initiative phases and funded projects.

Innovative and Transformative Science

Funding to increase understanding of ocean and freshwater environments.

Marine Conservation Science

Research projects to better understand how environmental changes affect marine conservation areas.

Marine Environmental Quality Regulatory/Non Regulatory Measures

Research to support understanding how shipping-related noise affects whales.

Marine Spatial Planning

Research on how we use and manage marine spaces.

Multi-partner Oil Spill Response Research

About the Initiative and how it will help minimize the environmental impact of oil spills.

National Contaminants Advisory Group

Research on the biological effects of contaminants on aquatic species.

Sustainable Fisheries Science Fund

Annual funding to support research in sustainable management of fish stocks.

Whale Detection Initiative

Research to help reduce the risk of marine mammal and vessel collision.

Whale Science for Tomorrow

Providing funding to Canadian universities for endangered whale research in Canadian waters.

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