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A National Coastal Infrastructure Vulnerability Index (CIVI)



Coastal sensitivity index computed for Atlantic Canada based on the CanCoast geodatabase. The color coding of the coastline represents its sensitivity to sea level rise, ranging from the least sensitive (green) to the most sensitive (red). Credit: Andrew Cogswell, DFO

Fisheries and Ocean Canada is responsible for maintaining 1,038 Small Craft Harbours across the country, which support nearly 90 percent of all fish landings in Canada as well as recreational activities. These coastal assets—including nearly 6,000 structures valued at $2.1 billion—are susceptible to the impacts of sea-level rise and climate change. This project will initiate the development of a Coastal Infrastructure Vulnerability Index (CIVI), a national geodatabase encompassing a wide variety of information including sea-level rise projections, as well as other scientific, engineering, and socio-economic information.

The current project will provide an updated version of the CanCoast geodatabase developed by Natural Resources Canada, which will serve as the platform for CIVI, along with a climate change coastal sensitivity index (CSI) based on the latest scientific information available. Once fully developed, the CIVI will inform climate change adaptation planning by enabling the Department’s Small Craft Harbours (SCH) Program to assess the vulnerability of coastal sites to sea-level change.

Program Name

Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program (ACCASP)


2014 - 2016



Principal Investigator(s)

Blair Greenan
DFO, Maritimes Region
Tel.: (902) 426-9963

Matthew Cloutier
Senior Engineering Advisor, SCH NHQ
Tel.: (613) 993-7815

Team Member(s)

David Collister, Manager, Economic Policy, Economic Analysis and Statistics, Strategic Policy Sector

William Perrie, DFO Science, Maritimes

Li Zhai, DFO Science, Maritimes

Andrew Cogswell, DFO Science, Maritimes

Zhenxia Long, DFO Science, Maritimes

Bechara Toulany, DFO Science, Maritimes

David Greenberg, DFO Science, Maritimes

Phillip MacAulay, DFO Science, Maritimes

Nancy Shackell, DFO Science, Maritimes

Paul MacDonald, Regional Engineers, Small Craft Harbours

Vahid Kahnmelli, Regional Engineers, Small Craft Harbours

Paul Curran, Regional Engineers, Small Craft Harbours

Jacques Robichaud, Regional Engineers, Small Craft Harbours

Adele Butcher, Regional Engineers, Small Craft Harbours

Stéphane Dumont, Regional Engineers, Small Craft Harbours

Gavin Manson, Natural Resources Canada

John Hunter, Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Centre

Collaborating Government Department(s)

Natural Resources Canada

Environment Canada

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