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Vision for 2015

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Priority Research Themes
  3. Vision for 2015
  4. Issues, Trends, Drivers and Opportunities
  5. The Aquatic Biotechnology and Genomics R&D Strategy
  6. Conclusion - Charting a Path Forward

Vision for 2015

The following Strategy proposes a vision of where we want to be in 2015 and a roadmap to get there.

To have in place by 2015:

A successful, innovative, dynamic biotechnology and genomics program to enhance the sustainability of our aquatic resources and the ecological health of our aquatic ecosystems, that is characterized by strong partnerships and stakeholder involvement; innovative research programs; the application of effective biotechnology and genomics tools and products; and funding to maintain required expertise.

The successful implementation of this Strategy will depend on leadership, commitment, creativity and expertise of DFO's management, scientists, external stakeholders, resource managers and decision-makers across the country.

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