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Fisheries sustainability survey questions - 2017

Section 1

Implementation of the Fishery Decision-Making Framework Incorporating the Precautionary Approach

Some of these questions are used to report on indicators in the Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators report and the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy. These questions are designed to evaluate the implementation of the Fishery Decision-Making Framework Incorporating the Precautionary Approach.

1 – Stock Reference Points

2 – Stock Status

Selecting “Uncertain” does not mean that that status of the stock is unknown. DFO has sufficient information to manage the fisheries on these stocks.

3 – Removal References

4 – Harvest Decision Rules

5 – Harvest Rate

6 – Rebuilding Plan

7 – Moratorium
Is the directed commercial fishery(ies) on this stock currently under moratorium?

Section 2

The status of fishery management plans

These questions assess the status of integrated fishery management plans and other fishery plans. (e.g. Conservation harvesting plans or other plans)
8 - Integrated Fisheries Management Plans

Implementation of the Policy for Managing Bycatch:

These questions are designed to evaluate the implementation of the Policy for Managing Bycatch. It is possible that fisheries on the tracked stocks can have one, both or neither retained or non-retained bycatch.

9 – Bycatch

Species at Risk Management:

These questions are designed to evaluate the integration of recovery objective mitigation measures into fisheries management plans for stocks that interact with Species at Risk Act (SARA) listed species. To be used for 5 year reporting of recovery documents.

10 - Species at Risk

"Interact" means intercept in gear or a likelihood of intercepting SARA-listed species.

General Comments (<100 words)

This section, found at the end of the survey, is intended for further explanations for a given stock, clarifications of how the survey is applied to multiple fisheries for the same stock, elaborate on how questions were answered for aggregate stocks, etc. 

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