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Fisheries management

Programs and initiatives, enforcement activities, management plans, policies and frameworks.

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Fisheries enforcement

Fisheries Act convictions, high seas monitoring, officer recruitment and international citations.

International management

International fishing agreements and organizations, overfishing, unregulated fishing, enforcement.

Fisheries programs and initiatives

What we’re doing to support a stable and sustainable fishing industry.

Ghost gear

The problem with ghost fishing gear and what we are doing about it.

Policies and frameworks

Conservation, sustainable harvest and licensing policies.

Integrated fisheries management plans and rebuilding plans

Fisheries plans guiding the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

Sustainability survey for fisheries

Tracked performance of the fisheries we manage through an annual survey.

Fisheries management decisions

Learn about our priorities for fisheries management and find past fisheries decisions.

Beneficial Ownership Survey

Understanding who is benefitting from commercial fisheries access in Canada.

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