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State of the Pacific Ocean

Bull kelp photo taken by J. Hildering,

Canada’s Oceans Now: Pacific Ecosystems, 2021 describes the current status and trends in Canada’s Pacific marine ecosystems up to the end of 2020. This report is based on key findings from the State of the Pacific Ocean Technical Reports. These reports present the results of the most recent year’s monitoring in the context of previous observations and expected future conditions.

Each year, a Canada’s Oceans Now report summarizes the current status and trends of the Pacific, Atlantic, or Arctic Ocean, followed by a national synthesis. The series reflects the Government of Canada commitment to inform its citizens on the current state of Canada’s oceans. The reports highlight and provide examples of the many influences and changes that affect these dynamic ocean systems. This information will be updated in future reports to create an ongoing picture of the status and trends of Canada’s marine ecosystems.

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