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Update on CRF workshop and CRF workshop summary report

The Coastal Restoration Fund (CRF) was launched May 31st, 2017. Since its launch, CRF has successfully supported over 60 projects on all of Canada’s coasts resulting in local and community level action that contributes to mitigating stressors affecting coastal aquatic habitats.

Given the success of the CRF program and its objectives of encouraging networks of practice related to aquatic habitat restoration, Fisheries and Oceans Canada held a three-day workshop focused on bringing together CRF program recipients, and their partners, to share their experiences and ideas for improving the program.

On March 10 - 12, 2020, a total of 105 CRF participants came together in Vancouver, British Columbia from across the nation, to share expert presentations on research, current and past projects, as well as to participate in topic-based breakout sessions and plenary discussions. During the three-day workshop, participants were provided the opportunity to share experiences, successes, challenges, and new innovations relating to their respective coastal restoration projects. Participants also shared suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the CRF program as well as future DFO initiatives.

The workshop included discussions on various restoration methodologies and included topics such as:

The discussions identified a number of cross-cutting themes that DFO will take into consideration in the management of the CRF program, as well as future programs and initiatives. These include:

For a more detailed summary of the CRF Workshop discussions and results, please refer to the CRF Workshop Summary Report.

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