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Fisheries enforcement

Fisheries and Oceans Canada enforces the Fisheries Act and other regulations and legislation. Enforcement activities are carried out by fishery officers across Canada. They conduct regular patrols on land and sea as well as in the air.

Have you witnessed a fisheries violation?

Report it through provincial, territorial or federal telephone numbers.

Enforcement activities and reports

Fisheries Act convictions

Review the up-to-date list of convictions under the Fisheries Act, organized by region.

High-seas monitoring

Learn how fishery officers monitor and inspect international vessels beyond the 200-mile limit in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Fishery officer recruitment

Find out what's involved in becoming a fishery officer.

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization citations

Check the citations issued by our inspectors to vessels fishing in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) Regulatory Area.

Combatting marine litter: Ghost gear

The problem with ghost fishing gear and what we are doing about it.

Use of the law enforcement justification provisions

Fishing regulations and requirements

Before you go fishing, make sure you know the rules for:

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