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Fisheries science and advice

All fishery management decisions are informed by science. We use a science-based decision process, ensuring that fisheries science advice informs and contributes to sustainable fisheries management.

We conduct research to address fisheries-related decisions and use this information to give advice through the Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat. Science advice is usually provided through Science Advisory Reports. These reports help decision makers understand information about a particular fish stock. This work is often done in collaboration with partners, including Indigenous communities.

We use the Sustainable Fisheries Framework to follow a precautionary approach to manage our fisheries. This approach means being cautious when scientific information is uncertain in order to avoid seriously harming our fisheries or environment. It also means not using a lack of science as a reason to delay action.

We actively monitor the health of fish stocks to ensure the conservation of species, and continue to support the research and monitoring necessary to ensure sustainable fisheries.

Fishing seasons for inshore lobster fisheries

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