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Cumulative impacts, kinetics and tissue distribution of anti- sea lice pesticides in non-target organisms



This research uses oxidative stress biomarkers to assess the sublethal and cumulative impacts of sea lice treatments (AlphaMax® [deltamethrin] and Salmosan® [azamethiphos]) on non-target organisms. Kinetic studies will be conducted to assess the bioaccumulation rate and persistence of AlphaMax® in shrimp and lobster tissue. Damage caused by oxidative stress (lipid and protein oxidation) will be assessed after exposing shrimp and lobster to Salmosan® in the laboratory for long periods of time. The connection between this biochemical damage, histological lesions and resistance to stress will be assessed in adult lobster. The sublethal impacts on organisms exposed to mesocosms will also be assessed. Bioaccumulation speed and tissue distribution in shrimp and lobster will be assessed using macroautoradiography and high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with flow scintillation counting (HPLC-FSC) at environmentally-realistic doses by using radiolabelled14 C deltamethrin. Macroautoradiography is a nuclear technique used to quantitatively determine the distribution of a chemical product labelled with a radioactive atom such as14 C in thin cryosections (0.05 mm) of an entire animal. Preliminary work will also be conducted before assessing the bioavailability of deltamethrin adsorbed in suspended particulate that settles at the bottom. (This project is a complementary project to PARR-2011-M-01)





Program Name

Program for Aquaculture Regulatory Research (PARR)


2011 - 2012


Central Canada: Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Freshwater Drainage Basin

Principal Investigator(s)

Catherine Couillard
DFO-Quebec region
Maurice Lamontagne Institute, 850 Route de la Mer, Mont-Joli, QC
Tel.: (418) 775-0681

Team Member(s)

Claude Rouleau, DFO-Quebec region

Benoît Légaré, DFO-Quebec region

Sylvie St. Pierre, DFO-Quebec region

Collaborating Government Department(s)

L. E. Burridge, DFO-Maritimes region

Andrew Cooper, DFO-Maritimes region

Susan Waddy, DFO-Maritimes region

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