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Biological effects of anti-louse pesticides on non-target organisms



(continuation - PARR-2010-M-07)
Sea lice is a general name for ectoparasitic crustacean copepods that infest a variety of marine fish species. Severe sea lice infestations in farmed Atlantic Salmon have led to loss of fish and revenue wherever salmon aquaculture has been practiced. Severe infestations can be treated using approved chemo-therapeutants (pesticides and/or drugs). Under current treatment practices in the Maritimes, pesticide is released to the surrounding environment after the tarped cage or wellboat treatment, raising concerns about the potential impact on non-target organisms. Laboratory tests have shown that the dispersed pesticide can be toxic to the American Lobster and other crustaceans. This project will investigate the lethality of the pesticide AlphaMax® (active ingredient deltamethrin), Salmosan® (active ingredient azamethiphos) or Paramove® (active ingredient hydrogen peroxide) to lobster and other crustaceans (shrimp and marine zooplankton) over environmentally relevant time periods (1 hr or repeated short-term exposures). Studies into the sublethal responses of lobsters to these pesticides will also be intiated. Research results will be interpreted in concert with results from dye dispersion studies and will assist Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency in environmental risk assessments for emergency registrations of these products. Results will also help guide the development of integrated pest management plans for the salmon aquaculture industry. This project is a continuation of research initiated in project (PARR-2010-M-07).





Program Name

Program for Aquaculture Regulatory Research (PARR)


2011 - 2013


Atlantic: Gulf of St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence Estuary

Principal Investigator(s)

Les Burridge
St. Andrews Biological Station, 531 Brandy Cove Road, St. Andrews, NB
Tel.: (506) 529-5903

Team Member(s)

Fred Page, DFO-Maritimes region

Susan Waddy, DFO-Maritimes region

Monica Lyons, DFO-Maritimes region

David Wong, DFO-Maritimes region

Catherine Couillard, DFO-Quebec region

Jordana Van Geest, DFO-Maritimes region

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