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Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative

Learn how the Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative supported Indigenous communities from April 2013 to March 2018.

This program is no longer active. Information on current funding and support for Aboriginal aquaculture can now be accessed through the Northern Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative.

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Strategic Partnership Initiative funds

Fisheries and Oceans Canada led the delivery of the Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative from April 2013 to March 2018. Together with Indigenous organizations, this 5-year program allowed us to increase Indigenous participation in the aquaculture sector. We supported Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs by:

The Strategic Partnerships Initiative funded this program. Each dollar they invested received an additional $1.92 from other programs and project supporters. The total project value was $6.83 million.

Business development teams

The Strategic Partnership Initiative invested $4.32 million over 5 years to support regional aquaculture business development teams. We established 3 of these teams to identify opportunities and provide business development services to 170 Indigenous communities.

These teams organized and participated in 24 workshops and 51 meetings to:

The teams also helped prepare reports and studies, including:

They also worked on strategic plans and business development plans.


The Strategic Partnership Initiative also invested $2.33 million to support 90 Indigenous aquaculture projects, including:

Job creation

The initiative’s overall investment supported job creation, including:

Aboriginal Aquaculture Engagement Initiative

The Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative builds on the Aboriginal Aquaculture Engagement Initiative, which is now concluded. Its aim was to help increase Indigenous engagement in aquaculture. We partnered with Indigenous organizations across Canada, hearing comments at 20 meetings and at the second National Aboriginal Fisheries Forum.

Through the initiative, we found that a significant and growing number of Indigenous communities are interested in aquaculture opportunities. Representatives want to be meaningfully engaged in:

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