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Marine sectors in Canada summary tables

Activities dependent on the ocean make a substantial contribution to the Canadian economy. Canada’s marine industries represent a source of economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Direct activity spans a number of industries and sectors like commercial fishing, manufacturing, construction, and tourism. When accounting for the associated supply-chain and income-related effects, ocean-based activity impacts every major industry in Canada and benefits every province and territory.

The tables presented here provide estimates of the economic contribution of Canada’s marine sectors to the national and provincial economies. The analysis covers all major private sector activities with a direct dependence on the oceans, including extractive and non-extractive uses, as well as activities of the public sector and non-government organizations (NGOs) with responsibilities for safety, managing ocean activities, and research.

Based on a robust measurement framework, these estimates allow inter-industry comparability and establish a set of indicators by which to monitor the economic contribution of marine-related activities. The information they contain also provides estimates for the size and provincial distribution of Canada’s ocean-based economic activity across a number of industries.

Gross Domestic Product by marine sector and year
Employment by marine sector and year
Direct, indirect and induced Gross Domestic Product by sector, 2020
Direct, indirect and induced employment by sector, 2020
Gross Domestic Product and employment by industry, 2020
Gross Domestic Product and employment by Province, 2020

Marine sectors methodology

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