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Pacific Region Licences

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This section of the website contains statistics on commercial fishing licences issued by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in the Pacific Region. You will also find information collected through the registration of commercial fishing vessels. Data are available from 1985 onward.

Continuing its long-term trend, the number of registered commercial fishing vessels in the Pacific region declined slightly in 2021, to 2,227. The number of registered commercial fishing vessels has decreased by 22 per cent since 2011 and by 34 per cent since 2001. Most (81 per cent) of the current fleet consists of vessels that are less than 45 ft in length and less than 1 per cent are greater than 100 ft. This breakdown has been relatively unchanged for the last decade.

The number of individual personal licences issued in the Pacific region decreased by 8 per cent in 2021 to 4,577, a record low in the region. These individual licence holders were issued a total of 5,727 commercial fishing licences in 2021, a 5 per cent decrease from 2020. Salmon (29%), Herring (26%), and Shrimp/Prawn (8%) represent the majority of commercial licences issued in 2021. Relative to 2011, the number of individual licence holders and total number of commercial fishing licenses issued are down by 25 and 11 per cent, respectively.

Data tables:

Personal licenses information

(Number of personal licences issued by type)

Species information

(Number of commercial fishing licences issued, by species)

Vessel information

(Number of commercial fishing vessels registered, by size)
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