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Number of commercial fishing licences issued by Pacific Region, 2022
Fishery Licence category 2022
Full fee (gill net and troll) AG, AT 955
Reduced fee (gill net and troll) AG, AT (Reduced Fee) 104
Full fee (seine) AS 193
Reduced fee (seine) AS (Reduced Fee) 14
NNFC (Northern Native Fishing Co) NAG 254
Communal commercial FAG, FAT, FAS 130
Herring Roe
Full fee (gill net) HG 740
Reduced fee (gill net) HG 239
Communal commercial (gill net) FH 218
Full fee (seine) HS 195
Reduced fee (seine) HS 46
Communal commercial (seine) FHS 11
Herring Spawn kelp
Communal commercial FJ 10
Full fee J 34
Commercial L 337
Communal commercial FL 77
Groundfish trawl
Commerical T 135
Communal commercial FT 3
Commerical shrimp by trawl S 205
Communal commercial shrimp trawl FS 3
Prawn and shrimp by trap
Commercial W 185
Communal commercial prawn FW 57
Commercial K 41
Communal commercial sablefish FK 7
Commercial G 50
Communal commercial FG 5
Schedule II species
Commercial C 293
Communal commercial FC 1
Commercial R 186
Communal commercial FR 25
Sea Urchin
Green sea urchin ZA 48
Red sea urchin ZC 65
Communal commercial red sea urchin FZC 16
Sea Cucumber ZD 81
Euphauasiid ZF 16
Commercial ZN 210
Communal commercial FZN 26
Transport D 22
Special Fisheries ZM, ZX, ZY1, ZY3, ZY4 85
Clam Z2, Z2ACL 315
High seas SEC68 1
Eulachon ZU 16
Pacific sardine
Full fee ZS 24
Communal commercial ZSF 8
U.S.A. Albacore tuna USA68 45

Source: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Region Operations Branch.


Number of commercial fishing licences issued by Pacific Region, 2022
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