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Report a sighting or incident in BC

If you encounter a shark, let us know

Toll-free: 1-877-50-SHARK (1-877-507-4275)
Shark sighting form (PDF version, 44 KB)

To fill out a PDF form, you must:

  1. download it to your computer
  2. use PDF software to open it (such as, Adobe Reader or Foxit PDF)

For more information: How to download and open a PDF form

Everyone that encounters a Basking Shark, Bluntnose Sixgill Shark, Tope Shark, or any other shark species in BC (with the exception of North Pacific Spiny Dogfish) is encouraged to document and report the encounter to DFO.

You should document as many details of the encounter as possible, including:

For more information, please see the Codes of Conduct for Shark Encounters and Basking Shark Encounters.

Questions or comments?

Call our toll free line: 1-877-50-SHARK (1-877-507-4275) or e-mail

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