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Overview of the fund and objectives

The Canada Nature Fund for Aquatic Species at Risk (CNFASAR), funded through Budget 2018 and more recently expanded through Budget 2021, aims to support the recovery and protection of aquatic species at risk. The fund enables multi-species, place-based and threat-based approaches to recovery and protection. Budget 2018 provided $55 million over 5 years, which has already been allocated to 56 multi-species projects across Canada. Under Budget 2021, an additional $23 million is available to support projects taking place between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2026. This additional funding is:

Objective of the program

The objective of the CNFASAR is to slow the decline of aquatic species at risk and enable a leap forward in their recovery through the injection of targeted funding that supports recovery and protection activities that address Priority threats, species and places.

To accomplish this, the CNFASAR seeks to:

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