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Operationalization of a High-Resolution Ocean Forecasting Model of the Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is contributing $20,000 from its science Partnership Fund to Dalhousie University to develop operational capacity for high-quality, short-term ocean forecasting for coastal and shelf waters in the Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf region. This work will serve many of DFO’s regional needs related to: marine safety and environmental protection; fishery and ecosystem management; the development of nearshore forecasting models; and interpreting data from the Atlantic Zonal Monitoring Program (AZMP).

This initiative, led by Keith Thompson of Dalhousie University, will bring the operational ocean forecasting model to complement the 24/7 operational forecasting models under development by the interdepartmental CONCEPTS program (Canadian Operational Network of Coupled Environmental PredicTion Systems). It will provide routine ocean forecasting products for use by the research community. Ocean forecasting results, the primary data from this project, will be archived at Dalhousie and distributed through the Internet.

Links: Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP)

Project Number: MAR2016.3
Year: 2016
Partner: Dalhousie University
Principal Investigator(s): Keith Thompson
Eco-region: Maritimes

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