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Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is working with partners in government, First Nations, the academic community and the community at large to transform its Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research (CAER) in West Vancouver into the Pacific Science Enterprise Centre (PSEC).

PSEC houses a suite of academic, government and other science practitioners in a collaborative environment designed to drive joint research work, incorporate traditional Aboriginal knowledge, and leverage the resources of multiple partners around shared goals and needs. The centre currently serves researchers from DFO, the Coastal Ocean Research Institute (an Ocean Wise initiative), and the BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences (CAHS) and is exploring new partnerships and opportunities.

The facility and its oceanfront location make it ideal for aquatic research. It has both indoor and outdoor tanks with sources of fresh and saltwater, a mesocosm building with three 350 m3 tanks, two artificial streams, docks, wet and dry laboratories and office space.

As PSEC evolves, new infrastructure is planned that will make this site and its research more accessible to the public. Please check back here for updates.

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