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Economic benefits of the Canadian Hydrography Service

Learn how the Canadian Hydrography Service (CHS) helps Canada's shipping economy.

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Helping through science

The maritime territory plays a major role in our economic prosperity in terms of:

The CHS helps Canada's marine resources through strong science that:

We do this through:

Increasing Canada's marine capabilities

While we serve the marine community through accurate nautical charts and other navigation products and services, we also:

We've also developed a:

In addition, CHS:

A maritime success story

In 2006, maritime related activities contributed $27.7 billion to Canada's gross domestic product and provided 316,000 jobs. Most of these activities involved:

In 2008, marine transportation was the dominant mode for international trade, with annual shipments worth more than $157 billion. As commercial shippers increase the size and number of their vessels, the business potential for Canadian ports will expand.

We have more opportunities for growth from increased activity in offshore oil, gas exploration and extraction, and marine tourism.

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