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Procedure for special events for insurance purposes

Special Events form
(PDF, 460 KB)

The Harbour Authority (HA) must inform Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) as quickly as possible of any special event that may take place on the site. The notice of a special event becomes what is called a material change in risk. This material change in risk requires a notice to the insurer provided by the HA seeking to host the special event. In this notice, the HA must provide specific details about the event, which are necessary to conduct an appropriate review. In order to obtain a response from the insurer in a timely manner, it is recommended that the notice be sent at least two weeks before the event is held. DFO reserves the right to refuse any activity deemed unsafe that may pose a risk to the safety of persons or facilities.

Steps to follow for special events hosted by the harbour authority:

  1. The HA must apply by completing the Special Events Form and sending it to their Small Craft Harbours (SCH) contact at least two weeks prior to the event.
  2. SCH Headquarters (HQ) will receive the form from the SCH contact and forward it to the insurer.
  3. Following the evaluation of the application, the insurer will confirm whether additional insurance is required.
  4. HQ will inform the SCH contact of the insurer's response, who will in turn inform the HA.

Steps to follow for special events hosted or co-hosted by an outside organization (i.e. third party):

  1. The HA must apply by completing the Special Events Form and sending it to their SCH contact at least two weeks prior to the event.
  2. Liability insurance must be obtained by the third party and a copy is to be given to the HA prior to the event.
  3. For a special event that is deemed high risk in nature, the recommended coverage level may vary (for example: fireworks, alcohol license, etc.). Events are evaluated on a case by case basis by the insurer.

    The liability insurance certificate must extend additional insured status to the HA and to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and include a provision that a notice of 30 days must be provided in advance of cancelling a policy. In case of cancellation, this notice should be given by the third party's insurer to the HA and SCH prior to the event taking place.

  4. The HA must send a copy of the Certificate of Insurance to their SCH contact for review.
  5. Upon receipt of both documents (Special Events Form and Certificate of Insurance), the SCH contact will send the information to HQ, which will forward it to the insurer.
  6. The insurer may extend or deny coverage, or request additional information. The insurer will advise if the Certificate of Insurance is issued incorrectly, require corrections, or the limit of Insurance is inadequate for the exposure of risk.
  7. The insurer's response will be forwarded to the HA through the SCH contact.
  8. The HA (licensor) will need to issue a license agreement (User License) to the event organizer (licensee). This license agreement must be signed prior to the event.
  9. HAs must send a copy of the license agreement to their SCH contact, who will in turn forward a copy to HQ. This document is filed internally and will be submitted to the insurer in the event a claim arises from the special event.
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