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Archived - Maritimes Region Coral Conservation Plan

DFO began collecting information on cold-water corals in the Maritimes in 1998. Since then, the Department has discussed coral conservation requirements and measures with other government departments, the fishing industry, and other oceans-related interest groups. In addition to DFO, many other organizations had conducted research or raised awareness of Canada’s corals. A Coral Conservation Plan was needed to document these activities and provide direction for future conservation, management, and research.

Beginning in late 2003, DFO began consultations with stakeholders to provide recommendations on the development of a Coral Conservation Plan for the Maritimes Region. The Department hosted a workshop in October 2004 to identify key issues. The draft plan was released for stakeholder review in February 2005.

The Coral Conservation Plan was finalized in 2006, and provides a summary of conservation efforts to date, identifies issues where more work is needed and prioritizes activities for the future (2006-2010). An executive summary of the plan includes the list of plan objectives and high priority areas for research and management.

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