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Saguenay Fjord Upstream closure

Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence Bioregion (Quebec)
Approximate Size (km2) contribution to Marine Conservation Targets
109 km2
Approximate % coverage contribution to Marine Conservation Targets
Conservation Objective
Protect habitat for the beluga whale and avoid stirring up contaminants contained in the river’s sediments

Ecological Components of Interest

Saguenay Fjord Upstream closure

Saguenay Fjord Upstream closure

Species of regional importance: beluga

Habitat that is important to biodiversity conservation: beluga habitat


The ecological components of interest are effectively conserved through the following prohibitions:

Otter trawl.

Other Considerations

No human activities that are incompatible with the conservation of the ecological components of interest may occur or be foreseeable within the area.

Environmental Context

The avoidance of contaminant re-suspension may be beneficial to a wide variety of other species. The Saguenay Fjord, which is adjacent to the Saguenay St. Lawrence Marine Park, contains numerous brackish water or salt water fish including Atlantic herring and capelin.

This area can act as a refuge area that may contribute to increased species productivity, which may then contribute to increased abundance within and adjacent to the area.

This closure also protects the habitat of the threatened American eel.

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