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Miramichi Bay Closure

Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence Bioregion (New Brunswick)
Approximate Size (km2) contribution to Marine Conservation Targets
1,553 km2
Approximate % coverage contribution to Marine Conservation Targets
Conservation Objective
Protect adult Atlantic salmon and an important migration corridor.

Ecological Components of Interest

Species of regional importance: Atlantic salmon

  • Why it is important: - This population of Atlantic salmon has been in decline. It was assessed by COSEWIC as a species of special concern.

Habitat that is important to biodiversity conservation: Migration corridor

  • Why it is important: Atlantic salmon use this migration corridor to access Miramichi Bay and their spawning grounds in the freshwater rivers upstream.


The ecological components of interest are effectively conserved through the following prohibitions:

The use of gillnets is prohibited for all commercial groundfish fisheries.

Other Considerations

No human activities that are incompatible with the conservation of the ecological components of interest may occur or be foreseeable within the area.

Environmental Context

This closure protects Atlantic salmon using the migration habitat as a way to return each year to the Miramichi River to spawn in fresh water.

In addition, salmon migration helps link productivity in marine and freshwater environments. Protecting this depleted species and its habitat helps to support this link and the other species which rely on these food webs.

Miramichi Bay Closure

Miramichi Bay Closure

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