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Funk Island Deep Closure

Newfoundland-Labrador Shelves Bioregion (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Approximate Size (km2) contribution to Marine Conservation Targets
7,274 km2
Approximate % coverage contribution to Marine Conservation Targets
Conservation Objective
Conserve benthic habitat and Atlantic cod

Ecological Components of Interest

Funk Island Deep Closure

Funk Island Deep Closure

Species of regional importance: Atlantic cod

Habitat that is important to biodiversity conservation: the bottom habitat in the area.


The ecological components of interest are effectively conserved through the following prohibitions:

Bottom trawl, gillnet, and longline.

Other Considerations

No human activities that are incompatible with the conservation of the ecological components of interest may occur or be foreseeable within the area.

Environmental Context

By protecting the bottom habitat, this closure also protects significant concentrations of groundfish and other fish species. The smooth skate Funk Island Deep population which is listed as endangered (COSEWIC) is found within this closure.

This closure overlaps a significant portion of the Notre Dame Channel and a portion of Fogo Shelf EBSAs.

This area is also a significant feeding area for marine mammals.

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