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Salmon Rivers

Salmon Rivers is proposed as a Tier 2 site for the Marine Conservation Network in the Scotian Shelf-Bay of Fundy Bioregion.

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Salmon Rivers is located along the New Brunswick shoreline of the Bay of Fundy, from the outflow of the Big Salmon River to Matthews Head in Fundy National Park. The site includes outflows of the Big Salmon River and Little Salmon River.

Map of proposed Salmon Rivers network site

Map of proposed Salmon Rivers network site

Simplified site coordinates

Boundaries are preliminary and subject to change following the public engagement.

Point Latitude Longitude Description
1 45°32' 53.636" N 65°0' 34.153" W Starting at point 1 on the coastline, in the northeast of the site
2 45°31' 23.508" N 65°0' 32.647" W Connect to point 2, south of point 1
3 45°27' 28.486" N 65°9' 8.051" W Connect to point 3, south of point 2
4 45°21' 16.195" N 65°27' 2.786" W Connect to point 4, southwest of point 3
5 45°22' 44.789" N 65°27' 52.430" W Connect to point 5 on the coastline, northeast of point 4 and follow along the coastline to connect point 5 to point 1


186 km2



This area supports species including:


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