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Pemsɨk is proposed as a Tier 1 site for the Marine Conservation Network in the Scotian Shelf-Bay of Fundy Bioregion.

Parks Canada is interested in collaboratively exploring the possibility of establishing a National Marine Conservation Area for the marine component of the Pemsɨk conservation mosaic. As proposed by L’sitkuk (Bear River First Nation), the Indigenous-led vision for Pemsɨk, is of a coordinated and collaborative conservation mosaic in the Kespukwitk district of Mi’kma’ki. This work aims to bring together existing initiatives and organizations to fill current gaps in terrestrial and marine protection.

Pemsɨk (Port-Joli) is one of Canada's most important archaeological and cultural sites. It is also in one of Canada's priority areas for biodiversity conservation, as one of the most intact, natural coastal environments in Nova Scotia.

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Pemsɨk is located along the south shore of Nova Scotia and encompasses the Sable River, Port L'Hebert, Port Joli and Port Mouton inlets, the waters adjacent to Kejimkujik National Park Seaside and three nearby Migratory Bird Sanctuaries. This site extends 100 km offshore onto the southern Scotian Shelf.

Map of proposed Pemsɨk network site

Map of proposed Pemsɨk network site

Simplified site coordinates

Boundaries are preliminary and subject to change following the public engagement.

Point Latitude Longitude Description
1 43°57' 35.8" N 64°47' 59.6" W Starting at point 1 in the north of the site
2 43°41' 58.0" N 63°47' 59.8" W Connect to point 2, southeast of point 1
3 43°0' 0.0" N 64°42' 0.0" W Connect to point 3, southwest of point 2
4 43°42' 0.2" N 65°2' 24.2" W Connect to point 4, northeast of point 3
5 43°50' 14.8" N 65°3' 36.7" W Follow along mainland coastline northeast to Sable River point 5
6 43°50' 15.7" N 65°3' 35.9" W Connect to point 6, northeast of point 5
7 43°57' 13.9" N 64°48' 44.3" W Follow along mainland coastline, east to point 7 and connect point 7 to point 1


5 290 km2



This area supports species, including:


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