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User guide: Marine Conservation Network Plan for the Scotian Shelf-Bay of Fundy Bioregion

This map shows the location of the proposed and existing sites in the marine conservation network plan for the Scotian Shelf-Bay of Fundy Bioregion.


The maps and data contained in this application have been made available for information purposes only. Boundaries are preliminary and subject to change following public consultation.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada does not warrant the navigational reliability, currency, positional or thematic accuracy of any data or information published in these maps. Misalignment of some datasets may occur due to the methods used to produce the original product. Fisheries and Oceans Canada assumes no responsibility for errors in the content of the provided information.

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In this section

Viewing the map

Selecting proposed or existing conservation sites

The map does not offer a view of the entire earth. It is focused on the Scotian Shelf-Bay of Fundy Bioregion.

To select a proposed or existing conservation site:

Glossary of map buttons

Mapcentric widgets

plus sign

Zoom in

Zooms in on the map.

Zooming in may show more bathymetry details.
minus sign

Zoom out

Zooms out on the map.

Zooming out may show less bathymetry details.

Default map view (home)

Resets the map to the default view.
3 stacked squares


Displays the Map Layers window and a list with a summary of the layers displayed on the map. You can turn layers on and off.
3 stacked horizontal lines with a triangle, square and a circle to the left of the lines


Shows the colour and pattern assigned to each type of area on the map.

Coordinate widgets

3 arrows pointing out and in the shape of a triangle


Coordinate display shows coordinate of cursor on the desktop version or center of screen on the mobile version.
square in the middle with lines going up, down, left and right

Add pin

Add a pin to the map. It will persist for the session and will disappear once you close the map.
1 rectangle with missing top-left corner, diagonally offset on top of another

Copy Coordinate

Copy the coordinates of the pin on the map.
bracket pointing down (˅)

Output Coordinate System

Coordinate system used for map in decimal degrees.
1 window in front of another on a diagonal


Allows user to move the pop-up window.
bracket pointing up (˄)


Collapses the pop-up window so that only the header is displayed.
magnifying glass with a plus sign (+) in the middle

Zoom to

Zoom to feature.
brackets pointing left and right (< >)

Page select

Scrolls between area types. Appears in the pop-up window when 2 or more layers overlap in a selected location.
3 stacked horizontal lines with rectangles to the left of the lines. 1 of 2 to the right of the lines

Select feature

Shows area types and allows you to select one. Appears in the pop-up window when 2 or more layers overlap in a selected location.

Application support widgets

i in a circle


More information about this map.
question mark (?) in a circle

User guide (help)

How to use this map.
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