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Cold-water Coral and Sponge Conservation Strategy

In 2006 the Department committed to develop a Pacific Region Cold-Water Coral and Sponge Conservation Strategy. The Strategy supports the Department’s mandate to develop and implement policies and programs in support of Canada’s scientific, ecological, social and economic interests in oceans and fresh waters.

The Strategy codifies existing and future activities and management measures for cold-water coral and sponge conservation by the Department. It helps regional partners and stakeholders understand how our existing programs and activities are aligned with cold-water coral and sponge conservation by presenting objectives, strategies and actions in a transparent manner. It also aligns with the Department’s Sustainable Fisheries Framework and the Policy for Managing the Impacts of Fishing on Sensitive Benthic Areas.

Provincial Initiatives

The Province of BC has the authority to establish protected areas under the Reserve Act, Protected Areas of British Columbia Act, Park Act, Wildlife Act, Land Act or Environment and Land Use Act. The Province of BC has also developed coastal plans for several areas of the BC coast. For more information, please visit

Other Initiatives

Canada has over 243,000 km of coastline along three oceans - the longest coastline in the world. The marine ecosystems off these coasts are varied, productive - and precious. We have a responsibility at regional, national and international levels to protect examples of our marine ecosystem for present and future generations. Federal and provincial agencies with marine management responsibilities are working together to ensure all Canadians can enjoy and benefit from our marine environments – now and in the future.

Scott Islands

Environment Canada establishes national wildlife areas and marine wildlife areas under the Canada Wildlife Act. The Scott Islands marine wildlife area will protect foraging areas in the marine waters around the Scott Islands on the Pacific Coast, an ecological area of global significance.


National Marine Conservation Areas, or NMCA for short, are marine areas managed for sustainable use and containing smaller zones of high protection. They include the seabed, the water column above it and they may also take in wetlands, estuaries, islands and other coastal lands.

For more information, please visit National Marine Conservation Areas

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