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Sustainable fish and seafood

Bounded by three oceans – the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic - Canada is home to the longest coastline and the largest freshwater lake system in the world. We are proud of the fish and seafood that come from them. Fish and seafood are part of our culture, our way of life, so it's vital that our fisheries remain healthy for future generations.

Our clean, cold waters contain more than 160 species of fish and seafood, and our fresh, frozen, smoked and canned products are in high demand in every corner of the globe.

Did you know?

Learn more about our statistics, including on Canada’s fish and seafood trade, aquaculture, commercial fisheries, and recreational fishing.

Fisheries management in Canada

Canada is a world leader in the sustainable management of fisheries and aquaculture. Through sound science, forward-looking policy, and operational and service excellence, Fisheries and Oceans Canada carries out a broad mandate ensuring:

Canada has an abundance of ecologically diverse and economically significant freshwater and marine and coastal areas. Our overarching goal is to protect Canada’s three oceans, its coasts, waterways and fisheries, and to ensure these remain healthy for future generations.

Learn more about how our fisheries funds provide financial support to keep our fish and seafood sector sustainable and innovative, while meeting the growing demands of a worldwide market.

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