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Certification and Market Access Program for Seals

The Certification and Market Access Program for Seals (CMAPS) is a $5.7 million, five year program that runs until fiscal year 2019-2020. CMAPS will fund the development of certification and tracking systems so that seal products harvested by Indigenous communities can be certified to be sold in the European Union (EU). CMAPS will support‎ capacity-building so Indigenous communities can take advantage of renewed market access, and it will also support the broader commercial seal industry to access world markets. Projects will be eligible for funding under CMAPS if they align with one of the following three priorities:

  1. Projects that endeavour to establish and operate a tracking system to certify Indigenous seal products for export to the EU;
  2. Projects that build capacity to improve exporter readiness of Indigenous seal products;
  3. Projects that aim to improve market access opportunities for commercially harvested seal products.

Proposals that align with an industry-wide strategy to improve the long-term position of seal products in the global marketplace will be given a greater funding priority over proposals that do not.

How to apply

To discuss project proposals and to obtain a CMAPS funding application, please contact the CMAPS Program directly via email:

Applications can be submitted at any time during the year. All CMAPS project proposals are required to include:

More information on the CMAPS Terms and Conditions.

The EU’s Indigenous Communities Exemption

The EU’s regulations outline the criteria for the trade of seal products under the Indigenous Communities Exemption, as well as the criteria for becoming an authority to certify Indigenous seal products.

Other organizations may apply to become an authority to certify products to be exported to the EU within their regions (e.g., a province or territory). The CMAPS can provide funding to support Indigenous communities in leveraging the EU’s Indigenous Communities Exemption for seal products.

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