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Atlantic Fisheries Fund success stories: Nova Scotia

Since 2017, the Atlantic Fisheries Fund has provided essential funding to more than 850 businesses in the fish and seafood sector across Atlantic Canada to support innovation, improve infrastructure and develop and sustain science partnerships.

Cape d’Or Sustainable Seafoods Inc.: Success in Action

In 2017, recognizing a worldwide need for alternate and more sustainable protein sources, Cape d’Or Sustainable Seafoods Inc. began operation of a fully integrated, certified organic aquaculture operation – believed to be the only land-based, certified organic Atlantic salmon farm in the world.

Cape d’Or raises salmon from eyed eggs to full size at its facilities in Wentworth and Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia, for sale on the international market. With the assistance of the Atlantic Fisheries Fund, Cape d’Or is expanding its organic salmon farm, allowing the company to eventually produce over 550 metric tonnes of organically farmed salmon to meet increasing market demand.

AFF support has also allowed Cape d’Or to expand its innovative environmental practices. The funding has been used to convert Cape d’Or’s primary grow-out facility from a flow-through to a recirculating system allowing them to reuse 98% of the water in the system. Converting the facility to a recirculating system allowed the company’s founders to gain first-hand insight into the role of ultraviolet light in controlling bacteria, and the benefits and risk mitigation that come with the generation of oxygen on-site.

For Cape d’or, success means producing sustainable, world-class, organic salmon farmed in an environmentally friendly manner, while creating opportunities for everyone involved in their industry, and earning a return on the capital invested.

You can learn more about Cape d’Or Sustainable Seafoods Inc. by visiting their website.

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