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Science partnerships proposal guidelines (Atlantic Fisheries Fund)

These are outlines of the information required to assist us in evaluating your proposed project.

The “application for financial assistance” form must also be submitted with your proposal. All proposal documents must be submitted in both paper and electronic format (USB/memory stick). Applicants are advised that it’s their responsibility to adopt appropriate security safeguards while transmitting information to us. For this reason, we cannot accept proposals or accompanying documents via email.

Additional information or clarification may be required from you during the due diligence process as the program officer reviews the information provided. Some projects may require advice from experts in a particular field as part of the due diligence process and in determining the overall risk.

The format of the research proposal should be complete, clear and concise, with a statement of purpose and objectives in seeking contribution funding relating to the fund objectives. The following is an outline of a comprehensive science partnerships proposal. It’s not necessary to address or include each of these sections. However, the instructions below provide points for consideration when writing the proposal.

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Submission of a project proposal

Project proposals must be complete, clear and concise. They must not exceed 200 pages. Other points of clarification are as follows.

Separate proposal submission for each project

Applicants must submit a separate proposal for each stand-alone project to facilitate our overall project evaluation. Stand-alone projects aren’t dependent upon the success of other projects or activities.

Where stand-alone projects from an applicant are complementary (for example, when they’re from the same area of research), applicants should provide cross-references in each of their proposals to the other projects.

Title page


Atlantic Fisheries Fund
Submitted by (Applicant)

Project description and technical overview

This section should not exceed 2 pages and should:

Directions are as follows.

We may provide all or a portion of this section to potential external experts to determine their suitability to review a proposed project. An applicant’s signature on the application form constitutes consent regarding the sharing of information for this purpose.

Project management

The information submitted under this heading should demonstrate management capability to successfully undertake the project. This section provides sufficient information about the managerial capability of the applicant and its collaborators to undertake and bring the proposed project to successful completion.

The applicant and collaborators should have strong project management, financial control and technical development skills. Where weaknesses exist, corrective measures should be explained. 

This section should address the following.

Description of applicant

Description of key project collaborator(s) and the partnership arrangement(s)

Applicants must disclose whether any subcontract(s) will be awarded to a key collaborator under the project.

Project team

Project control system

Project management and financial control are important considerations for the successful completion of a project. The proposal should provide clear evidence that the applicant has in place an accountability framework likely to result in effective leadership and sound financial decision making for the proposed project.

Technical details

The information submitted under this section (as well as the project description) should allow both us and scientific experts to assess the proposal against the eligible activities. The specific objective for this area of submission is a contribution to the improved understanding of, or capacity to adapt to, ecosystem shifts and their impacts on the commercial fishery.

This section should display a clear understanding of the science and/or technology and the context of the application. Specifically, it should identify the major scientific problems to be solved in order to achieve the desired objective(s) and the proposed approach for solving these problems. Applicants must provide sufficient detail to enable independent scientific/technical reviews of the proposal by experts in the field.


Literature review


Technical risk assessment

Regulatory approval

Intellectual property

Financial information

Contributions from the Atlantic Fisheries Fund will be the least amount required to allow a project to proceed. Proposed projects may vary in duration. Applicants should seek to leverage financing for their projects from other (non-Fisheries and Oceans Canada) sources. Such leveraging is a key consideration in the evaluation of proposals. Possible sources of investment include:

For us to assess the reasonableness of the proposed project costs and the feasibility of the project financing, the applicant must provide a detailed breakdown of costs and financing. This should follow the format presented in the costs and financing templates presented in Template A, B and C.

Template A – Project costs
Template A – Project costs
Project costs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Capital costs        
Total capital costs        
Wages and salaries        
Total wages and salaries        
Other operating expenses        
Total other operating expenses        
Total project costs        
Template B – Wages and salaries detail
Template B – Wages and salaries detail
  Name of person,
if known
(like Ph.D., technical)
Annual salary
or wages $
Time charged
to project %
Research and development personnel (specify position)          
Backfilling of faculty personnel for academia applicants          
Supervisory personnel (such as project manager)          
Payroll burden for employee benefits          
Template C – Project financing
Template C – Project financing
Program Confirmed? Cash or in kind Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Type (Yes or no)   $ $ $ $
Requested from Atlantic Fisheries Fund (AFF) AFF            
Other federal funding (example: National Research Council, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council)              
Subtotal cash              
Subtotal in kind              
Funding from provincial government
(specify name of department)
Subtotal cash              
Subtotal in kind              
Contribution from the applicant              
Subtotal cash              
Subtotal in kind              
Contribution from collaborators (specify names)              
Subtotal cash              
Subtotal in kind              
Other sources (specify)              
Subtotal cash              
Subtotal in kind              
  Total $  
Total cash            
Total in kind            

Applicants should only use those cost and financing line items that are relevant to their project. 

To ensure completeness of the required financial information, proposals should include the following.

Project costs

Project financing


References have been made in this guide for applicants to include information as appendices to their proposals. As appropriate, the following items should be included.

Applicant, key collaborator(s) and project team information

Financial information

As the above might not be a comprehensive list, include any other relevant information to complete or facilitate our assessment of the proposal.

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