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Recreational fishing

Licences, regulations, funding for conservation projects, industry statistics and data.

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There are new rules for recreational mackerel fishing: Atlantic Fishery Regulations, 1985.

British Columbia recreational fishing

Regulations, licences, maps, gear information and updates by fishing area for all marine species.

Southern Gulf of St Lawrence recreational fishing

Regulations and information for shellfish, Atlantic salmon, groundfish, striped bass and other fisheries in PEI, NB and NS.

Newfoundland and Labrador angling

Anglers Guide, fishery notices, river status, salmon fishway counts, angling log, salmometer, links.

Newfoundland and Labrador recreational groundfish

Species, area, opening and closing times, limits and management measures for groundfish fisheries.

Maritimes Region Recreational Fisheries

Regulations, licences, maps, and gear information for marine species.

Quebec recreational fisheries

Groundfish and pelagic fisheries, freshwater and winter fishing, shellfish harvesting and policies.

Yukon salmon fishing

Yukon Salmon Catch Card information, regulations, openings and closures, tackle tips and peak times.

Arctic Recreational Fisheries

Regulations, variation orders for Northwest Territories.

Provincial and territorial fisheries

Links to information and licences for provincially and territorially managed recreational fisheries.

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