2021 Scallop fishery, NAFO sub-division 3Ps (Inshore)

Dates of season (subject to change)

The scallop fishery in Scallop Fishing Areas (SFA) 10, north of 47°00’N, and SFA 11, north of 47°25’N, opened on March 9, 2021. The outer bays in these areas opened on April 16, 2021.

The 3Ps Sea scallop fishery on the St. Pierre Bank, south of 47°00’N will open on May 20, 2021. This fishery will close when the TAC has been taken or on December 31, 2021, whichever comes first.

Total Allowable Catches

The Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for 3Ps Sea scallop in 2021 is 959 tonnes round weight, an overall quota level increase of 10% from 2020.  This TAC will be in effect from 2021 to 2023.

Management measures

The Iceland scallop fishery and Sea scallop fishery will open independently and there is a weekly catch limit for Sea scallop for SFA 10, north of 47°00’N, and SFA 11, north of 47°25’N. Separation of the inshore and offshore fleets will continue, hence no access to the Middle and Southern Beds for the inshore fleet (less than 65’ LOA). Only vessels permitted to participate in the 3Ps inshore Sea scallop fishery on the North Bed and in the Core Area must be those registered in Newfoundland and Labrador Region for the past 12 consecutive months.

The dive Scallop fishery which was introduced in 2017 for Danztic Point to Point Rosie will continue until 2023.

Scallop dragging is prohibited in water depths shallower than 30 fathoms in the eastern part of Fortune Bay.

Starting in 2021, logbooks, hails and dockside monitoring are required for the less than 40’ fleet that fish Sea scallop in SFA 10, north of 47°00’N, and SFA 11, north of 47°25’N.

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