Northern Shrimp – Shrimp Fishing Areas 0, 1 and 7

Dates of season (subject to change)

Shrimp Fishing Areas (SFAs) 0, 1 and 7 operate on a calendar year (January 1-December 31).

Total Allowable Catches (TAC)
Area Quota (t)
SFA 0 250
SFA 1 15 229*
SFA 7 Closed

* The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization’s (NAFO) Scientific Council has suggested that catches for Division 0A east of 60°30W not exceed 110,000t. Canada has accepted a TAC of 107,500t for 2020, with a Canadian share of 15,229 (approximately 17% of the offshore portion of the TAC) to be fished in SFA 1. Individual allocations to stakeholders in this SFA will remain at 2004-2008 levels, with the understanding that should the Canadian quota be reached, the fishery will be closed.


For 2020, NAFO’s decision is that Division 3L will remain closed to commercial fishing.

Management measures

There are no new management measures for 2020.

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