Greenland Halibut in NAFO Subarea 0 (Divisions 0A and 0B)

Dates of season (subject to change)

January 1 to December 31 (decision pertaining to 2019 and 2020 fishing seasons).

Total allowable catch (TAC) and sharing arrangements

The Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for NAFO 0A: 9,592.5 tonnes (t)  (TAC increased by 1,017.5 t from 2018).

1,017.5t increase allocated: 100% to Nunavut (1,017.5t)

Fishing Area Fleet/Interest Allocation (t)
NAFO Division 0A Nunavut 9,592.5
Total 0A TAC 9,592.5

The TAC for NAFO 0B: 8,592.5t (TAC increased by 1,017.5t from 2018)

1,017.5t increase allocated: 90% to Nunavut (915.75t); and 10% to Nunavik (101.75t)

Fishing Area Fleet/Interest Allocation (t)
NAFO Division 0B Nunavut 4,283.25
Nunavik 449.25
Enterprise Allocation Holders 2,960
Fixed Gear Competitive 900
Total 0B TAC 8,592.5

(Nunavut Suballocation decisions for 2019 were made on August 24, 2018)

Management measures

No new management measures for 2019.

Links to other information

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