Cod 3Pn, 4RS, witch flounder 4RST, winter flounder 4T, American plaice 4T

Species and Area

Groundfish species in the Gulf of St. Lawrence ,Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) divisions 4RST and south western Newfoundland and Labrador Division 3Pn. 

Dates of season (subject to change)

The management cycle for based stocks is from May 15 until May 14 of the following year. Specific dates for openings and closings will be determined in consultation with the various fleets through the normal Conservation Harvesting Plan (CHP) process.

Total Allowable Catch (TAC) and Sharing Arrangements (if applicable)

Total Allowable Catch
Species Annual TAC Time period
American plaice (4T) 250 t Closed
Cod (3Pn,4RS) 3,185 t Until May 14, 2019
Cod (4TVn) 300 t Closed
White hake (4T) 30 t Closed
Winter flounder (4T) 300 t Until May 14, 2022
Witch flounder (4RST) 500 t Until May 14, 2022
Yellowtail flounder (4T) 225 t Until May 14, 2021

Total allowable catch for cod (3Pn,4RS), witch flounder (4RST) and winter flounder (4T)

A yearly TAC of 3,185 t for cod, will be established as of May 15, 2017 for a two-year period for cod 3Pn,4RS representing an increase in keeping with the species’ established rebuilding plan. 

A yearly TAC of 500 t for witch flounder and 300 t for winter flounder will be established as of May 15, 2017 for a five-year period. 

American plaice

The American plaice 4T directed fishery will be closed as of May 15, 2017. The maximum allowable by-catch of American plaice in other directed groundfish fisheries will now be 10% of the directed species. The existing TAC will be allocated as by-catch only.

Management Measures

Fisheries and Oceans Canada met with representatives from various fleet sectors in the commercial fishery, fish processing industry, the provincial government and affected aboriginal groups through a meeting of the Gulf Groundfish Advisory Committee in March of 2017. Stakeholders provided input on management measures, including TACs, for the 2017-2018 fishing season.

Conservation Harvesting Plans for individual fleets will be finalized through the normal consultation process between regional staff and industry officials.

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