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Indigenous Habitat Participation Program: Grant component


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What this service offers

The Indigenous Habitat Participation Program grants provide funding to Indigenous communities who want to support and participate in consultation activities.

These consultations are on Department of Fisheries and Oceans Crown conduct (decisions, such as arrangements, approvals, authorizations and permits) in relation to fish and fish habitat conservation and protection under the Fisheries Act and Species at Risk Act.

These consultations are focused on:

Who is eligible

You may be eligible for the Indigenous Habitat Participation Program Grant funding if you:

Eligible activities

Grant funding goes towards activities supporting the review of works, undertakings or activities submitted to Fisheries and Oceans Canada for decisions under the Fisheries Act and/or Species at Risk Act and decisions related to the fish habitat banking under the Fisheries Act.

Activities that are eligible for grant funding include those that help inform your position on current or proposed fish and fish habitat issues and projects. This includes collecting information and data and conducting studies.

Consultations are another eligible grant funding activity. Through consultations, we gain feedback on a project’s potential adverse impacts to Aboriginal and treaty rights. We also use consultations to discuss possible measures to avoid or minimize those impacts.

We also provide funding to those who can help us develop or arrange consultation activities, such as:

Eligible expenses

Grant funding can be used towards:

Eligible expenses under the program include costs associated with a relevant workshop, meeting or conference, such as:

Administrative overhead is capped at 10% of total grant amount and supports expenses such as office rent, accounting, human resources and contract administration, etc.

Costs for travelling to an eligible activity (travel expenditures) are also considered eligible expenses. This includes:

Travel amounts will be based on the rates and allowances found within the National Joint Council’s Directive on Travel.

How to apply

After receiving an Offer to Consult from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, you can apply for funding by completing the grant application and emailing it to a DFO regional office.

We recommend you email your regional contact about the consultation approach before you submit your application.

Note:   Preference will be given to proposals requesting between $2,000 and $12,000. IHPP grants component is not a refundable program.  Any activities undertaken prior to grant approval will not be reimbursed.

How long it will take to process your application

We’ll let you know we received your application within 5 business days. We’ll let you know within 13 business days of the funding decision if we’ve accepted or rejected your application.

We’ll process grant transfer payments for successful applicants within 30 business days of signing the grant agreement.

Under normal circumstances, we’ll meet the service standard 90% of the time.

Selection criteria

We process individual applications for funding when we receive them.

We don’t fund activities that duplicate services, studies or written materials that are already being funded by other public or private sources.

We assess all applications based on the:

We give preference to proposals with requests between $2,000 to $12,000.

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Contact us

Questions can be submitted to the appropriate regional addresses.

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