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Become a fishery officer

Fishery officers work to conserve and protect Canada's freshwater and marine fisheries resources and their habitat. From boating and aircraft patrols to observing fisheries and fish habitat, you'll need to be alert and ready for different challenges.

What a fishery officer does in a day

As a fishery officer, you’ll:

A full work description is available for fishery officers.


The working environment for fishery officers can be demanding.

Physically, you'll be exposed to all types of weather and terrain. You'll wear heavy protective equipment like soft body armour (weighing up to 12 kg) while:

Land, air and sea patrols may last hours or days, and your job could be spent outdoors, in a vehicle or aircraft, on a vessel or snowmobile, or in the office.

The work may require:

You’ll need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with confrontational and sensitive situations, including the potential for use of deadly force. As a fishery officer, you’ll be trained to face these kinds of challenges and be ready to tackle any situation.

Full job expectations are available for fishery officers.


If you’re applying to be a fishery officer, you must be:

If you're a successful applicant, you'll attend a 19-week in-residence training program. This program includes:

Check your suitability for the job.

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