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Training and recruitment for fishery officers


Our Fishery Officer Career Progression Program recruits successful candidates from the fishery officer selection process.

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About training

You’ll begin as a cadet and progress through the various competency stages. This training takes about 34 months.

Classroom training takes approximately 19 weeks. You’ll gain skills in areas such as:

Training currently takes place at the Atlantic Police Academy in Summerside, PEI.

Training allowance, salary and benefits

Cadets receive an allowance of $350 per week during the classroom training.

Your allowance will be deducted at source for:


You may be required to reimburse part of the travel, room and board, and other costs related to the classroom training if you:


After successfully completing the classroom training, you’ll be appointed to a GT-02 fishery officer position. You’ll then have to successfully complete 30 months of field training in order to be appointed to a GT-04 position.

Associated salary scales are: 

  1. GT-02 ($59, 518 – $67, 276)
  2. GT-03 ($66, 559 - $75, 427)
  3. GT-04 ($74, 995 - $85, 266)

Fishery Officers receive an annual Fishery Officer allowance of $6,500 and a First Aid allowance of $300 in addition to their basic salary.


Once you become a public service employee with 6 months of experience, you’re entitled to receive the following benefits.

Recruitment projections

We anticipate staffing more than 120 fishery officer positions over the next two years (2024 to 2025).

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