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Parvicapsula pseudobranchicola in salmonids in British Columbia



The parasite Parvicapsula pseudobranchicola causes a disease, parvicapsulosis, in farmed Atlantic salmon in Norway, particularly in more northern regions. Although there is extensive molecular evidence of P. pseudobranchicola in salmonids in British Columbia, there are no reports of the disease parvicapsulosis. To better understand the potential health risks posed to salmonids by this parasite, this study will collect detailed information on its geographic distribution, range of host fish, and ability to cause disease (pathogenicity). Tissue samples collected during routine fish health audit activities and salmon stock assessment surveys will be tested for P. pseudobranchicola.

Program Name

Program for Aquaculture Regulatory Research (PARR)



Principal Investigator(s)

Simon Jones

Research Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Biological Station


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