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Efficacy of the APEX vaccine in Atlantic salmon subjected to an IHNV exposure simulating natural and/or elevated field challenges



Infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV) is an aquatic rhabdovirus that has had a devastating effect on the BC salmon aquaculture industry. In particular, Atlantic salmon are highly susceptible to this endemic pathogen at all life stages. To minimize the effects of IHNV, Novartis Animal Health Canada Inc. has developed a highly efficacious IHNV plasmid vaccine (APEX-IHN®) that is commercially available. Laboratory tests of the vaccine have revealed the vaccine to provide significant protection against lethal virus challenge. The efficacy observed in the laboratory setting has warranted the use of the vaccine in the field, however due to the lack of a natural field challenge it remains unclear as to the efficacy of the vaccine in an environmental outbreak. This project will evaluate the effectiveness of the APEX vaccine under conditions that are equal to, or more severe than, a natural field challenge. This work is necessary for salmon farmers to better evaluate husbandry and disease management strategies.

Program Name

Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program (ACRDP)


2007 - 2007



Principal Investigator(s)

Kyle Garver

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