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Effect of Promiscuous T-cell Epitopes in a Recombinant Subunit Vaccine against K. thyrsites: Do they Affect Onset and Duration of Immunity and Result in Increased Efficacy?



Kudoa thyrsites infections continue to present a significant problem to Atlantic salmon growers in British Columbia. Improved husbandry methods have reduced infection levels but further reduction will likely require a protective vaccine. Data has shown a recombinant subunit vaccine (Kudoavac 1, Microteck) to be immunogenic in Atlantic salmon as measured by antibody titres and proliferation of immune cells. Preliminary data has also indicated lower levels of K. thyrsites in Atlantic salmon vaccinated with Kudoavac 1. This proposal seeks to determine if insertion of a promiscuous T-cell epitope into Kudoavac 1, generating Kudoavac 2, improves the immunogenicity and efficacy of the vaccine. This proposal employs immunological and diagnostic techniques developed under previous ACRDP funding.

Program Name

Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program (ACRDP)


2005 - 2006


Pacific: Vancouver Island West Coast

Principal Investigator(s)

Simon Jones

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