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Comparison of saltwater rearing with standard freshwater methods for salmon



The project will determine the effect of rearing on the physiology and behavior of smolt by comparing smolt captured in Fundy National Park reared in a saltwater facility (sea pens) with those reared in a freshwater facility (Mactaquac Biodiversity Facility) for future management applications.

This research will provide tested results on the analysis of a suite of measures to evaluate rearing smolts to maturity in salt water, compared to those strategies currently employed using freshwater tanks that ultimately contribute to overall recovery of the species. Results will be provided in the context of conservation management strategies aimed at increasing knowledge of the decline of Inner bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon.

Program Name

Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program (ACRDP)


2009 - 2012


Atlantic: Gulf of Maine, Scotian Shelf

Principal Investigator(s)

Patrick O'Reilly

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