Protecting oceans

Marine conservation targets, bioregions and protected areas, network planning, oceans management, World Oceans Day.

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Services and information

Meeting marine conservation targets

Canada is committed to reaching its marine conservation targets.

Marine protected areas, areas of interest and other measures

What Canada is doing to protect our oceans.

Marine protected area networks

Canada is working to expand its network of marine protected areas.

Integrated oceans management

Activities to manage our marine boundaries.

Oceans collaboration and responsibilities

Governments and industry collaboration on ocean conservation.

World Oceans Day

What you can do to help protect our oceans.

Protecting our coasts

Protecting coasts and waterways, while growing the economy for future generations.

Coastal Restoration Fund

Funding for projects that help restore coastal aquatic habitats.

Cold-water coral and sponge reef conservation

Canada's approach to conserving cold-water corals and sponges.

What we are doing

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