Marine protected areas (MPAs)

How DFO protects important fish and marine mammal habitats and endangered marine species.

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Services and information

Anguniaqvia niqiqyuam (Ung-u-niak-via Ni-kig-e-um)

The Anguniaqvia niqiqyuam (Ung-u-niak-via Ni-kig-e-um) MPA is located in Darnley Bay, within the Amundsen Gulf, near the community of Paulatuk, NT.

Basin Head

Basin Head is located on the eastern tip of PEI, about 100 km east of Charlottetown.

Bowie Seamount

Bowie Seamount is 180 km offshore and west of Haida Gwaii in the northeast Pacific.


One small Eastport MPA surrounds Round Island, and the second surrounds Duck Islands.

Endeavour Hydrothermal Vents

The Endeavour MPA is a seismically active area of seafloor formation and hydrothermal venting.

Gilbert Bay

This MPA is about 300 km from Happy Valley-Goose Bay on the southeast coast of Labrador.

The Gully

The Gully is about 200 km off the coast of Nova Scotia and east of Sable Island.

Hecate Strait

Composed of 3 individual areas in the Pacific Region, near the entrance to the Douglas Channel.

Musquash Estuary

This MPA is 20 km southwest of Saint John, NB, with the boundary defined by low tide water levels.

Tarium Niryutait

Canada's first arctic MPA was officially announced in 2010 and consists of three individual areas.

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