Oceanographic study of the south coast of Newfoundland (Baie d'Espoir and Fortune Bay)



Continuation of PARR-2008-NL-01 and PARR-2009-NL-01

Newfoundland is experiencing a significant influx of investment in salmonid farming in the Bay d'Espoir-Fortune Bay area. The increasing biomass, the increase in the number of companies operating, the diversity of production strategies, and the increasing concentration of farm sites in Bay d'Espoir and Fortune Bay, challenge biosecurity and the sustainability of this growth. Currently there is a gap in the oceanographic data available for these areas. The oceanography project on the south coast of Newfoundland aims to gain insight into the fundamental processes governing the ocean circulation in the area and to model and map the physical environmental parameters and estimate potential zones of influence. These zones will be used to establish production management areas to support fish health management for finfish aquaculture and support the estimation of potential environmental zones of benthic influence associated with selected finfish farms in the area.





Program Name

Program for Aquaculture Regulatory Research (PARR)


2008 - 2014


Atlantic: Newfoundland, Labrador Shelves

Principal Investigator(s)

Gehan Mabrouk
DFO, Box 5667, St. John’s, NL A1C 5X1
Tel.: (709) 772-6184
Email: gehan.mabrouk@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Team Member(s)

Andry Ratsimandresy, DFO-Newfoundland and Labrador region

Danny Ings, DFO-Newfoundland and Labrador region

Dwight Drover, DFO-Newfoundland and Labrador region

Fred Page, DFO – Maritimes region

Randy Losier, DFO – Maritimes region

Danny Ings, DFO – Pacific region

Mike Foreman, DFO – Pacific region