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Addressing abandoned and wrecked vessels

Interview with the harbour authority in Gaspé, Quebec, on how the Oceans Protection Plan is helping remove abandoned and wrecked vessels in small craft harbours.


Luc Legresley:

This boat has been abandoned.

It has been there for about 10 years. Once can assume there are contaminants inside.

You could say it is a kind of visual pollutant.

Vincent Duguay:

I’ve been coming around here since I’m maybe 5 to 7 years old with my dad.

And since I’ve come here, we’ve seen those red boats. They’re ugly and they take up useful space.

A lot of boats are asking to get on the dry docks but there’s not enough space for that.

Raoul Grenier:

The federal government injects 75% of the funds and we put 25% to remove the boat.

The program is to have the boat dismantled. demolished and removed.

Onscreen text:

Through the Oceans Protection Plan, we are investing in the removal of abandoned and wrecked vessels in federal small craft harbours across Canada.

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