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Service standards, remissions and fees

What our services standards are, when can a remission be issued and annual reports on the service fees we charge.

Service standards for grants and contributions

Level of performance funding applicants and recipients can reasonably expect.

Service standards for regulatory authorizations

Clarifies expectations and increases predictability in the federal regulatory system.

About the Policy on Remissions

Overview of the Policy on Remissions and what you can expect should we miss a service standard relating to a service fee.

Policy on Remissions

States the terms of when a remission may be proactively issued by the department, including the specific applicable service standards and their related remissions calculations.

Fees reports

Annual reporting on fees that are under our authority, including any that are collected by another department.

Service Fees Act

Legislation that sets out the responsibilities and requirements for federal government departments with respect to fees collected, unless they are exempted from the Act.

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